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Part 1: Identifying the Move 



Part 2: Spotting a False Move



Part 3: Finding The Support and The Resistance Lines



Part 4: The Breaking of the Support and Resistance



Part 5: Going With The Trend



Part 6A: The Different Ways of Trading



Part 6B: The Different Ways of Trading (CONTINUED)



Part 6C: The Different Ways of Trading (CONTINUED)




Strip Of All Your Indicators and Learn To Trade Naked!  Trading With Price Action is the only way to Learn The Real Secret of Trading!


How taking the less is more  approach leads to success in the Forex Market!

From the Desk of John Templeton,

Creator of Trading in the Buff 

Hello My Fellow Forex Trader:

It seems pretty obvious that the more complicated we make trading, the harder it's going to be to make real money trading forex.  For whatever the reason, people just don't seem to listen.

How else would that explain why only 5% of forex traders make any money?  If all these "magical" indicators and robots worked, why are there so many people crashing their accounts?

All these overpriced indicators provide absolutely NO insight to the market!!

So, why are people spending their hard earned money on all this garbage? It's simple.  Most traders don't really have a clue what's going on in the market. 

They would much rather just fill their charts with indicators telling them when and how to trade.


Almost All Trading Indicators Are Lagging.


Why would you want to base your trading decisions off of something that is only telling you what has already happened.

I don't mean to come down hard on indicators.  Truth be told that's exactly what I used when I first started trading.

To prove it, here is an old chart of mine.  This is how I used to trade.

Needless to say, just like the majority of the people who trade forex, I did not have much luck with this.

That's when I started to think this through.  Why am I trading something that I don't understand?

The indicators were doing the trading, NOT ME!! I just went along for the ride.

Think about that for a second.  I was basically just an inanimate object waiting for random lines to cross, telling me that I should open or close a trade.

It dawned on me. How in the world could I make money trading forex, if I don't even understand what I am looking at????

It was then that I decided to listen to what all the professional traders had to say on the subject.  I noticed two words that came out of most of their mouths:  PRICE ACTION!


It was so obvious, I couldn't believe it.


Do you think that the most successful traders in the world are really worried about what a couple of Stochastic lines are doing? I highly doubt that.

The whole point is that they don't need them or any other indicator for that matter.  Their own eyes are their best indicator.

If you don't believe me, all you have to do is look at the history of the markets and how traders became successful.

There were legendary floor traders at the beginning of the stock market who became millionaires just by following the movement of the price. They didn't even have charts, much less indicators!!! What's our excuse???

That's when I dropped everything, completely cleared my charts of all indicators and began to look at my forex charts, as the purists call, naked.

There was nothing blocking my view of the price.  No Moving Averages, No Stochastics, No MACD, No RSI, NOTHING but a simple bar chart.

I would love to tell you that the first day I did this, I instantly saw the holy grail and I was going to be rich by the end of the week.  But that didn't happen.

The truth is I didn't see anything. I didn't have some great epiphany.  But Rome wasn't built in a day, so I kept on trying the next day, and the day after that to see if I "could figure" out the markets.

It took awhile, but everyday that I did this, I started to realize something:



 By the end of a couple weeks, I began to see the market in a completely brand new light.

It was like I could see the market's energy. For the first time in my miserable trading life I could see the market as a living, breathing thing.

It stunned me that throughout all these times I was looking at a chart, this was staring back at me the whole time and I couldn't see it.

How could this be??????

It's simple! All these pesky indicators were blocking my view.

From that day forward I was a completely different trader.

No more indicators, No more trading robots, No more chat rooms, No more signal services, No more spending hundreds of dollars on useless software. No more NONSENSE.

I became the trader that I always wanted to be and I owe it all to trading naked (not literally of course).

After a couple of months of tweaking, just to get things perfectly right, I came up with my own price action method, I like to call "Trading in the Buff".

With "Trading in the Buff"

I show you:


How To Get Rid of Your Indicators and Trade With Price Action
How To See The REAL Support and Resistance Areas
How To Forecast Where the Price Is Going to Go
How To Spot The Fake Moves
How To Trade With The Trend
How To See The Underlying Reasons of Why the Market Moves The Way It Does
Most Importantly How To Make Money Trading Forex!

Here's A Sneak Peek of The Course  


Part 1: Identifying the Move

I show you the exact pattern that we are looking for, and I show you a bunch of examples of how its worked in the past and WHY it works.  I let you know the actual reason why this pattern is so important to traders.

Part 2: Spotting a False Move

I make sure you know which moves are the false ones and which moves are the real ones. After this chapter you'll be able to spot the pattern over and over again. 

Part 3: Finding The Support and The Resistance Lines

I am not talking about those "magical indicators" that follow some kind of formula telling you which are the supposed S & R.  This is the real stuff. After the first 2 parts of the book, you'll understand why.

Part 4: The Breaking of the Support and Resistance

I show you what happens when support and resistance is broken and how it helps us determine and predict the future price of the currency pair.

Part 5: Going With The Trend

You always hear traders say "trade with the trend". In this chapter I show you how this pattern tells us exactly where the trend is headed and how we can use it to our advantage.

Part 6: The Different Ways of Trading

Everybody trades differently.  Some people like to scalp, while others like to position trade, and everything else in between.  I cover all the different ways on how you can use the method so it fits your trading personality. 


 Proven to work on any Time Frame and on any Currency Pair.

 From my back tests and from trading live, I saw that the "Trading in the Buff Method" worked for every single currency pair that I saw on every time frame. Some better than others, but the point is that it worked!

Then I started checking it on stocks and e-mini futures (not that I ever trade them, but I was curious) and it was really amazing because it worked for those trading instruments, as well.

Then I had the "a ha" moment because it became painfully obvious that price action is universal.  

It doesn't matter what you trade, traders react similarly to the different movements of the market (irregardless of which one).

Here's some other things that make "Trading in the Buff" so great:   


Can Be Traded on any Broker
Could be Traded Anytime During Market Hours
Trades Have an Incredible High Reward To Low Risk Ratio
Can Be Taught To Any Newbie or Veteran in Trading
Minimizes the Emotional Factor in Trading
Can Be Used on a Simple Metatrader Chart
Clearly Defined Entry and Exit Points

Here's What Some of My Customers Are Saying About Trading In The Buff

Note: These are 100% Unsolicited 


Hi John,

I find your system straightforward and effective; that is, profitable.  Some of the set-ups I did not actually trade since I was already at my comfort level with respect to margin usage, or other times I was away - from the computer, say at work, but was able to check back later to see that the setup worked.  I restrict my activity to pairs that have a reasonable pip spread to Avg True Range ratio.  This way I minimize the "Broker's" edge by trading those with minimal spreads as compared to the volatility of a specific pair.

Anyway, thanks again for sharing, since it makes analyizing charts a heck of a lot easier than with all those squigly lines and stuff!

Have a great day.



Hi John,

Thank you for such a great simple system...It has been immediately profitable for me in
the Forex market.




Hey John, Whats Up!

I just wanted to personally thank you for making this course available.  I can't believe all this information was right in front of me and I never noticed it.

I haven't started trading live yet.  But my demo account has been growing by leaps and bounds.  I can't wait until I start trading live!

Thanks again,




I have to admit that I was a little hesitant before I bought your course.  I've been burned before, and I didn't want it to happen again, but I am really impressed!

I thought learning price action was going to be very complicated, but you have completely simplified it so even somebody like me could follow it. LOL.

Also, thanks so much for answering my questions so quickly. It's nice to see somebody who still offers good customer service.




Hi, John,
I'm impressed that the reply came directly from you, and on Sunday.
I went through the video for Chapter One, and I'm already very impressed. I already feel sure I can use your method to earn a decent living in the Forex. Can't wait to see the rest of it!
Thank you for helping me, and thank you for making this plan available. You're a wonder!!!



Hi John,

Dropping a line to say your book is fantastic! I've only taken one loss. The amazing thing I observed from that loss is how strong the resistance line was. I entered the trade at 11pm yeterday and today when I came back, the trade was still on going! The market spend half the time around the resistance area.The resistance line held really well for hours before it finally broke. Amazing! Thank you.



It's been a while since we last corresponded and just to refresh your memory, I bought your e-book on trading in a buff a few months back and have to say it's one of the best books I've read so far on trading. As you know, nothing is certain in the market as the market is too dynamic for absolutes. As such, I firmly believe in using as many reliable tools as I can to get a better judgement and increase my chances of winning. Thanks!

Kind Regards,


Dear John;
Last night I purchased your course. I got so excited after I read the book, watched the videos and did the back research that i can't wait till tuesday to start trading. I day-trade the S&P 500 and the yen and I will be using your method. When I did my research, Even in worst case senerio's I've seen on charts; If you aren't greedy, You are likely to pick up at least 2-points.

Thanks for putting the program together.



Hi John,
I am writing to thank you for giving me a HALELLUJAH moment after reading through the course, watching and listening to the Videos.  Very Very impressive i must say especially after backtesting it the whole week last week.
I had gotten tired and totally sick of Lagging Technical Indicators (and obviously losing lots of money) and was looking for something that gives me information on what is going on and about to happen basically Price Action and Trading In The Buff did....i go live tomorrow and i can't wait.
Once again, Thank you very much for considering some of us, who have gotten tired of Lagging Technical Indicators.


I recently purchased your product "trading in the buff", outstanding material I highly recommend it to all starting out in currency trading, as of matter fact I wouldn't start trading unless you purchase your product.

Thanks again
very satisfied customer


Thank you for your quick reply. I buy lots of stuff on the Internet. Most of stuff I bought so far is simply crap. I just know that product is a crap after first quick reading.

OK, I want to go straight to the point here, because I don't want to bore you with too long email. I decided to buy your course because I am really interested in price action trading. Thats what I mostly do and I want to find some successful people who do it as well. Unfortunately there are not so many people doing this.

I read it all chapter by chapter and I did the work after each chapter you asked in the book. It was pretty easy to me, because I use various patterns in my trading as well. After that I asked you to send me the link with videos, which you did pretty quickly.

OK, after checking the book and videos I have to say something I haven't said to any seller for the very long time - your course is awesome and I am very happy that I bought it. I would like to thank you for putting very hard work into this and for sharing this with people. :-)

I am sorry for this long email, I usually don't write anything to sellers beside asking for refund :-) But this time I wrote my email out of strong urge for sharing my first feelings after checking the course.

I wish you all the best,


More Trading In The Buff Testimonials


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Does it have anything to do with Elliot Waves?

A: Absolutely not.  I have nothing against Elliot Waves.  As a matter of fact I admire the people who are able to trade them successfully.  Frankly, I find them to be mindnumbingly confusing.  Trading in the Buff is about learning price action in a simple manner.

Q: Are there formulas involved?

A:  Nope!  I know that there's a bunch of trading systems out there that are nothing but a basic mathematical formula.  Is that really supposed to tell you where the price is going to go?

Q: Does this have anything to do with Candlestick patterns?

A: Although I think knowledge of candlestick patterns is great, it has nothing to do with Trading in the Buff.  All you will ever need is a simple bar chart. 


So What's It Going To Be?

If you are interested in the "same ole, same ole" where you just trade when a couple of moving averages cross each other, then "Trading in the Buff" is definitely not for you.

Don't worry I'm sure you could find a million trading systems like that in any forex forum on the internet.  There are countless "buy if the line turns blue" systems out there.

I'm ashamed to admit that I bought some of them when I first started trading.

BUT If you are interested in having a deeper understanding of what makes the markets tick and you want to get rid of those useless indicators on your charts that do nothing but take up space, then "Trading in the Buff" is for you.



Download The COMPLETE 45-Page "Trading In The Buff" Book
Just enter your name and email address below and you will be e-mailed a copy of the "Trading In The Buff" book that was previously sold for $77 for FREE.


Cheers to your trading future,

John Templeton


 For any questions, please contact me at 


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